Courses Taught

CE 271: Sensors and Signal Interpretation [3 units]
In this class we examine how we gather information about our world in terms of measuring and signal interpretation. We first address a variety of signals to develop an idea of their diversity. Information theory is a tool that allows us to quantify how much information can be milked from mere data. We examine the form the data may take, in particular how the variety of physical variables can be put in a form for computation. The emphasis will be on the effects of analog processing and the analog-to-digital conversion process. Now we have set the stage for studying sensors from a physics-based perspective. We take this perspective so the user can extrapolate beyond a few common sensors. The interpretation of the data from these sensors focuses on analysis of transient signals such as earthquakes, fracture growth (acoustic emission), nondestructive evaluation, and a variety of time series data. Student evaluation will consist of a mid-term presentation/test and a final project/exam. There will be a variety of homework assignments throughout the semester which will be a significant portion of student learning.

CE 171: Rock Mechanics [3 units]
Topics studied include: elasticity and fracture mechanics for understanding the behavior of intact rock; frictional mechanics for understanding the behavior of jointed rock, rock mass behavior and quantification; stereonets and slope stability; laboratory and in situ testing methods

CE 70: Introduction to Engineering Geology [3 units]
The practical aspects of the interaction of civil engineering, the earth, and sustainability are examined. The topics are illustrated with slides, lecture demonstrations and video presentations during lectures. Focus will be on covering the highlights of one or two text chapters each week. The class takes a day-long field trip to the Black Diamond Mine in Mt. Diablo.

Teaching Schedule

  • Fall CE 70;  271
  • Spring : CE 171

Service to the Department

  • Ad Hoc committee on Systems Program
  • Chair, Operational Committee for the Civil Systems Engineering Program
  • Admissions Officer, Civil Systems program
  • Graduate Advisor, Systems program
  • Graduate Studies Committee
  • Energy and Climate Program Committee
  • Undergraduate Advisor
  • Executive Committee
  • Graduate Advisor, GeoEngineering
  • Admissions Officer, GeoEngineering

Service to the College of Engineering

  • Chair, Faculty of the College of Engineering
  • Member, Faculty Welfare Committee
  • Leader, Intelligent Infrastructure Theme, CITRIS
  • Member, EECS Department's Computer, Network and Instructional Labs Committee
  • Member, Taskforce on a Common Undergraduate Curriculum
  • Member, Committee on Energy and Resources
  • Member, Computing, Networking, and Instructional Laboratories Committee
  • Member, Jane Lewis Fellowship Committee 
  • Member, Graduate Group in Applied Science & Technology Advisory Committee

Service to the University

  • Chair, Berkeley Seismological Laboratory Advisory Committee
  • Academic Senate Liaison for the review of the EECS department
  • Member, Committee on Research
  • Member, Chancellor’s Committee on Sustainability
  • Member, Academic Senate Disaster Preparedness Work Group
  • Member, Research Equipment Grant review for Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Member, NSF Partnerships for International Research and Education Grant review for Vice Chancellor for Research

Service to the University of California System

  • Academic Council Special Committee on Laboratory Issues
  • Member, Committee on Research Policy