The Network explore 10 of our deployed WSNs

Deployed WSNs

Each of the 10 installed networks consists of an average of 10 sensor stations measuring snow depth, solar radiation, temp/rH, and soil moisture summing up to a total of around 500 sensors. Every 15 minutes, new measurements are taken and sent back to the server. To visualize the real-time data, follow these steps:

  • 1  Navigate through the 2D map below and select a desired sensor node
  • 2  Go to the chart on the bottom of the page and check the box of the desired sensor reading
    • To view the deployed WSNs in 3D, go to: 3D Map
    • To Download the raw real-time data, go to: Data

    Map and Real-Time Charts

    The red markers denote the basestations, and each filled circle is a sensor node. Dense forests make a challenging environment for WSNs. A wild fire once ravaged an entire WSN (Duncan Peak). On a similar note, strong winds led to the collapse of a tree on one of the basestations.

    Choose Sensor Reading:

    Voltage(V) Temperature1(°C) Temperature2(°C) Relative Humidity(%) Snow Depth(m)
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